Civil Engineering

What are we looking for?

We are looking for the best and brightest people, from a wide range of backgrounds, to bring fresh thinking to our ever expanding, dynamic business.

A Carnell employee is enthusiastic about finding solutions to get a job done for the benefit of our customers and our communities.

They thrive working as part of a team and embrace new ideas, new methods and new technology.

Employee Benefits

Carnell are committed to promoting and protecting the welfare of our employees, not only through our rigorous approach to health and safety at work, but in our pro-active initiatives for employee health and welfare inside and outside of work.


Life Assurance

Carnell offers Group Life Assurance to all employees who have passed their probation as we know it is important to have the knowledge that your loved ones will receive financial support if the worst was to happen.

The Life Assurance Scheme provides (subject to the Scheme rules) a lump sum payment based on your basic salary in the event of your death in service (2x your basic annual salary) to your chosen beneficiary.

Income Protection

We would hate for any of our employees to feel extra stress due to an ongoing illness or injury, our group income protection will help ease financial worries. Group income protection aims to provide a percentage of an employee’s salary if they’re unable to work after a prolonged period of time, as a result of an illness or injury.

Following the successful completion of your probationary period you will be entitled to participate in the Carnell group income protection scheme. The group income protection scheme provides, subject to the Scheme rules, 75% of your basic salary after 26 weeks of absence. injury, or serious illness.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

As a business we aim to offer support to all our employees not just with work matters but personal aspects too, this is why we have Health Assured available for all of our employees.

An EAP is a company funded scheme that enables employees to access independent, professional support on a confidential basis. provider, making a positive difference to over 15 million lives.

Family Friendly Policies
Carnell understand and appreciate that a lot of our time is spent at work, but we also recognise the importance of spending quality time with our families. That’s why Carnell offer enhanced family friendly policies to ensure our employees are provided with sufficient assistance and support should you need to take time off for Maternity, Paternity, Adoption, or shared parental leave.
Pension Salary Sacrifice

We offer Pension Salary Sacrifice to help those wanting to boost their pension pots and save on tax and national insurance.

Sacrificing some of your salary in return for greater pension contributions from us can give your pot a boost. 

Salary sacrifice can also have National Insurance (NI) benefits. Because pension contributions paid through salary sacrifice do not form part of your pay packet, they are typically free from NI charges. 

Carnell will allow you to contribute 15% of your salary into your pension scheme.

Training & Development

There are a number of different training and development opportunities on offer at Carnell, from mandatory training to personal development training. Every role at Carnell is different, therefore the training for each role will be tailored to your needs and the needs of the business.  

If you feel that you will benefit from either training or development please speak to your line manager to will be able to access the needs and if appropriate enrol you onto a course to support you in your role.

Referral Bonus

We appreciate all referrals from employees and are keen for more referrals for our vacancies.  To encourage and thank employees for referrals we have a referral bonus scheme.

Employees who introduce a new candidate to come and work for us will receive a £300 referral bonus once the new employee has completed their 3 month probation.

Rewards Platform

Employees and their families receive access to Reward Gateway, a platform which offers a discount on over 900 different retailers.

During the cost-of-living crisis, we wanted to offer something that all our employees can use regularly to save money on the basics and treats.

Cashback and discounts are available from retailers providing groceries, electronics, meals out, gym membership and take-aways among others.

Robust and transparent approach to working hours

Not only does the company monitor working hours for compliance with the Working Time Directive 1998, but also for enhanced compliance for safety critical working and travel time, as part of our award nominated and fatigue monitoring programme.

Mental Health Support

Carnell is also committed to providing assistance wherever possible on mental health issues, which is one of the reasons we support the Lighthouse Club, the charity that provides financial and emotional support to the construction community and their families.

Carnell provide a free at source confidential counselling and employee assistance programme service in conjunction with Health Assured our EAP and more than 5% of our employees have been trained as Mental Health First Aiders.

An equal opportunities employer

Carnell have many diverse opportunities within highways. As a medium sized company you can rely on us to look after you, whilst knowing that you are an important part of our team.

Responsible Employer

We want all Carnell employees to perform to the best of their ability. As a responsible employer we embrace best practices and assist our workforce in looking after themselves.

Tom Wright


Tom is s responsible for coordinating and programming works, generally on schemes that Carnell are Principle Contractor, this requires extensive liaison with the other CWF Contractors; i.e. TM, Ground Control, Roocroft, Tarmac etc.; the Client (National Highways or other) and occasionally members of the public to ensure the works run smoothly.

Jenaine Taylor


Our environmental administrator regularly monitors and records the carbon measure on our construction works by reporting a carbon figure for each scheme to our client of our material usage and our waste. Jen consistently ensures all offices are environmentally aware. She will also log details of our company site inspections, control and update the near miss log ensuring that all is safe on site.