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Employee Benefits

Carnell are committed to promoting and protecting the welfare of our employees, not only through our rigorous approach to health and safety at work, but in our pro-active initiatives for employee health and welfare inside and outside of work.


• Competitive rates of pay.

• A robust and transparent approach to working hours. Not only does the company monitor working hours for compliance with the Working Time Directive 1998, but also for enhanced compliance for safety critical working and travel time, as part of our award nominated and fatigue monitoring programme.

• A private health care package, not just for senior managers, but available across the business to all qualifying employees.

• Death In Service and Life Assurance cover, a tax-free benefit available to all qualifying employees, guaranteeing a payment based on a multiple of basic salary, in the event of death within or out of the work environment.

• Income Protection Cover; available to all qualifying employees as a tax-free benefit featuring automatic enrolment on an ‘Income Protection’ policy. The policy ensures that a significant portion of an employees basic wage will be payable following a medical based absence from work longer than six months; the payment will continue until the condition has cleared, or state pension age, whichever is sooner. This is a great safety net in the event of catastrophic injury, or serious illness.

• The company is also committed to providing assistance wherever possible on mental health issues; mental health awareness is promoted in our quarterly newsletter, exclusively devoted to Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity, and employee welfare.

Carnell also provides a free at source confidential counselling and employee assistance programme service in conjunction with Canada Life.

Carnell has also pledged it’s commitment to providing awareness, assistance and support on mental health issues with both Time to Change, and Mindful Employer.