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Carnell Directors in the Community

At Carnell our Directors are encouraged to assist and volunteer in the community. Below is an insight as to what some of our Directors have personally been doing for the community.

Conal Neafcy – Finance Director

I have always prioritised putting time back into the community, as a way of ‘giving something back’. My current projects include being a governor at a local sixth form college since 2015. The college, like many others doesn’t find it easy to secure volunteers for a role that can take up considerable amounts of time, but I’m proud to be able to put something back into my community, and proud also that Carnell provide me with sufficient work flexibility to allow me to carry out this role. The college is located in an area with a wide demographic, much of which is under privileged economically. It’s important to the college and to the governors to provide the young people of the district with the maximum access to opportunity and encouragement.

I’m also proud to have been introduced to the Collaborative Learning Circle, and it’s work with the OnSide youth projects; creating opportunity and encouragement for youth in our communities has a considerable overlap with my governing duties, and I have been delighted to help and contribute on fundraising activities and site visits over the last twelve months.

Over the course of the coming year, I’m currently in discussions with both my local sixth form college, and with the University of Liverpool Law Faculty to contribute to students with careers advice.

I also look to participate in charity activities elsewhere, and regularly take part in the annual Manchester to Blackpool charity bike ride, raising money for both the Christie Hospital, and my more local causes, the Wigan Hospice, and the Willowbrook Hospice.

Aidan Clarke – Managing Director

I am currently a member of the Collaborative Learning Circle and I am keen to help develop their philosophies and support the roll out across the industry. Alongside this I have also contributed to the Wolverhampton Youth Centre OnSide and have attended their annual Charity Ball with my family. I am also in the process of developing a Just Giving page to raise money for the homeless in the North West. I aim to start my training at the beginning of January 2019 building relationships with the local communities in preparation for the completion of Base Camp Everest. I know that this is a challenging task, but I believe that the cause I will be helping drives the determination I will require. My wife and I have run the London Marathon for Cash for Kids which is a charity close to our hearts.

Dave Foster – SHEQ Director

I currently a ‘Lend with Care’ who use the funds to help women in third world countries get businesses off the ground to support their families. The women in turn pay the loan back in small incremental amounts as their business starts to generate a profit (I do not receive any interest on these loans) and as the loans are paid back, I re-invest the money with another business. This is a mechanism that is very close to home for myself, I grew up in a similar society where people around me gave me an opportunity to work hard and earn money from a young age, this in turn developed a high work ethic that I would like to pass on to others around me.

I have a family friend whom is a priest who goes to Lourdes each year and we support various functions (prize draws, charity nights, raffles, etc.) to help provide funds to send children and their helpers to Lourdes. I do this as I like to help support families that are less able or less fortunate than my own. Furthermore, I have helped Time 2 Change to assist one of their associates to develop their mental health awareness plan in my free time. Mental health awareness is important to me – I have lost family and friends to Mental Health and believe this is an area that needs highlighting, addressing and plans put in place for actions to be taken.

I had two uncles who had depression, my brother had Mental Health issues after my dad died, my daughter has anxiety as a result of bullying etc. at school, a former colleague of mine killed himself due to Mental Health issues (issues that were not evident) and whilst working at Merseyrail we had numerous members of the public throw themselves in front of trains due to Mental Health issues which highlighted the size of the problem in society (especially as the numbers increased in the run up to Christmas and immediately after the New Year celebrations).

Darren Nelson – CEO

I have a personal commitment to supporting a local community Youth Centre – The Way Wolverhampton. I took initial interest to the youth zone in 2018 and since then have spent numerous hours and donations finding ways to support and give back to the community. Recently my wife and I made a personal donation to helping develop the Boxing department of the zone and have had great pleasure watching it flourish with the talented individuals. We were invited to the Young People’s Awards Night 2018 and asked if we would do the honour of presenting the Boxing award. Furthermore, I am a founding member of the Collaborative Learning Circle and recently attended the CLC Launch at the House of Lords, London in October 2018 alongside the host Baroness Newlove of Warrington. This is an ongoing project of mine and I aim to continue giving and supporting the community around me.