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Gender Paygap Reporting

Historic Paygap reports are available on this page:


We were under the 250 employees threshold for the relevant period ending with the ‘snapshot date’ 5th April 2019. As a result no paygap report was produced in 2020.


The company is pleased to present it’s first gender pay gap report in 2019, for the relevant period ending with the ‘snapshot date’ 5th April 2018.

The company notes that the results presented on the headline gender pay gap statistic are somewhat contradictory between mean and median; this reflects that the company employed 262 people on the snapshot date, which whilst over the reporting threshold, is still a small enough number that anomalies will arise relating to small numbers of relatively highly paid employees. However, the company takes the view that the gender paygap in favour of females (mean), and in favour of males (median) presents a balanced picture that reflects the company’s committment to equality.

Pay structures in the business are fundamentally different for weekly paid site based workers and monthly paid staff; site based workers make up the majority of the workforce (almost 71% at the snapshot date), and their pay structure includes enhancements for night work; overtime is also regularly paid. Monthly paid (non-site) workers will not typically benefit from either of these pay enhancements, but are incentivised on performance using performance related pay/bonus. As females are more highly represented in our staff headcount than in our safety critical site work, this results in a ‘bonus gap’ that moves significantly in favour of females.
This is not a gender based gap, but rather a reflection of the composition of the workforce between site based and staff

In summary, the business believes that the statutory reporting on gender paygap reflects positively on what we believe to be a balanced and fair approach to employee remuneration; the business also remains committed to monitoring movements in gender paygap, and ensuring that equality of opportunity and fairness in pay remains embedded in the culture of the business both in recruitment and in promotion.

Conal Neafcy
Finance & HR Director
Carnell Support Services Limited

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