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Carnell - Highways England Awards 2019

Initiatives Make Highways England Award Finals

Following on from our success last year in both the Safety & Customer categories, two Carnell initiatives made it to the finals of the prestigious Highways England Awards held on 28 March 2019.  The awards recognised the skill, ingenuity and performance of those that have made a positive contribution to the delivery of the Road Investment Strategy over the last 12 months.

Carnell’s entries were as follows:

Delivery: Project of the Year

A449 Flooding Hotspot Find & Fix Drainage Scheme

Darren Nelson, Chief Executive:

“We are proud that the collaboration between Carnell and Kier has been recognised to have delivered efficiencies to Highways England in Area 9.

By developing a more proactive approach to drainage asset management we have identified and repaired defects in one visit, quickly improving the resilience and safety of the network with minimum disruption to our customers including road users and local residents.

 The scheme was delivered ahead of programme and well within budget.  The lean survey technique was complimented by an innovative web-based GIS system which provided evidence of improvements and transparency.

 The find and fix solution demonstrates that millions of pounds worth of savings can be made where there is a high level of trust between all members of the supply chain.  Carnell, Kier and Highways England have epitomised this in Area 9.”


Safety: Excellence in occupational health & wellbeing

Fostering the Health and Wellbeing of Our Team

David Foster, Safety, Health, Environment & Quality Director:

“Over the last few years following the advent of the Asset Delivery contracts, Carnell have worked as principal contractor to Highways England.  We have grown in size and stature as a business, making the huge strides necessary to develop a health and wellbeing culture which is fit for an organisation that works for and represents Highways England.

We recognise that we have an opportunity to make significant improvements to employees short and long-term health by improving their occupational health and wellbeing.  In turn we realise that this will enable our workforce to work longer and more productively within the sector.

 In 2018 we embraced a host of initiatives around mental health, fatigue, occupational health assessments and whistleblowing, ensuring their thorough communication and implementation throughout the team.  This award illustrates the steps we have taken so far and will act as a springboard for the future to build on our achievements.”


Dean Shepherd made a statement about the A449 scheme prior to the awards:

Chris Champion spoke about the Health & Wellbeing submission on behalf of the SHEQ team:

Further information on the awards are here