Civil Engineering

Laser chamber scanner provides quicker, safer and more accurate highways drainage surveys .

CleverScan is an intelligent chamber laser / video scanning system which is used to record all drainage chamber details for a CS 551 compliant ‘pipework and chambers defect survey by CCTV’.


Reduces requirement for confined space entry.


Data automatically uploaded into WinCan.


Dense point cloud picks up all information with no need for manual data entry.

The camera head hosts a processor with a fully loaded operating system that can analyse and pre-process a massive volume of high quality image and sensor data. It maximises mobility, simplicity and speed of the chamber inspection while maintaining the best image quality available. CleverScan is extremely mobile as it weighs 18kg and can be operated from a small van with one or two operatives.

The camera operating system is simple and fast to use, because the software is perfectly integrated with the hardware. Just push a button and the camera does everything automatically, in a couple of minutes, the scan is completed and the survey team can move to the next chamber. The 5 HD cameras produce an HD video, a 3-dimensional view of the manhole and an unfolded view where you can see all the details of the manhole surface.

Like all our drainage surveys, the information can be viewed quickly on WinCan VX viewer either on the cloud or sent on hard drive.

The CleverScan laser scanning units allow for a higher level of detail to be captured for each chamber and a lot quicker than traditional methods. Site outputs have typically doubled from 2000m using manual data-capture to 4000m per shift.

The client is able to view the chamber information in a high-resolution video format and interrogate the chamber structural and service condition in detail, but more importantly it also can be viewed as a 3D Point Cloud and all chambers can be linked geographically.

Typical uses

> Highways Drainage Surveys
> Smart Motorway Projects
> Pipework and chambers defect survey by CCTV
> Full Asset Detailed Defect surveys
> CS 551 Chambers Defect and Geometric Survey by Laser Scanner

comparison to traditional techniques


4000 Linear metres can be achieved per 8 hour shift.

CS 551

Data captured to Highways England CS 551 and other relevant specifications


CleverScan covers twice the distance of standard data-capture, thereby reducing roadworker exposure.


The advantages of CleverScan align with the three National Highways imperatives:


Reduces requirement for confined space entry by using mobile and agile equipment.

Customer Service

Reduces traffic management, enables faster work, better asset management.


Faster on site, efficiency savings and better quality information for designers.

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