Civil Engineering


A180 Railway Triangle Parapet

AGC combine capabilities to deliver ‘road over rail’ scheme

AGC the AmcoGiffen and Carnell partnership, seamlessly integrated their road and rail capabilities to deliver a complex scheme for National Highways in the Yorkshire North East region.

Overcoming challenges collaboratively

The A180 near Ulceby in Lincolnshire crosses above two railway lines in just 200m. These lines form the railway triangle which connect Immingham and Grimsby docks with the rest of the country, having strategic importance for supply-chain resilience.

The essential work to replace the bridge parapets has given National Highways a headache for the best part of a decade, with several road restraint specialists unable to negotiate the complex safety and regulatory requirements required by Network Rail to undertake structural improvements over their asset.

The collective skillsets of AmcoGiffen who have more than 50 years of experience working in rail, and Carnell with three decades of experience on the strategic road network, overcame the challenge created by the road-rail interface.


The outputs were the installation of four high-containment parapets, each 2.2m high and approximately 60m long. In addition, 800m of vehicle restraint system (corrugated steel barrier) was absorbed into programme. As principal contractor, using our own specialist plant including post-pullers and Orteco pilling rigs, we were able to self-deliver the construction activities. This provided cost-savings to the client by avoiding the ‘fee-on-fee’ scenario.

Behind the scenes, the unified AGC team successfully negotiated several obstacles:

  • Programme phasing to minimise disruption, accommodating rail and road space booking and sequenced installation of heavy solid-clad parapet without a hi-ab.
  • Internal appointment of the Contractors Responsible Engineer (CRE), approved by Network Rail, managed the nine rail possessions, each requiring 16 weeks’ notice. Collaboration aided by being able to ‘speak the same language’ and building on existing relationships.
  • Significant temporary works over the tracks were coordinated by the delivery team.
  • Providing engineering solutions for the parapet foundations. The position of the string course in the reinforced concrete plinth required alternative anchoring of parapet foundations.

In summary, AGC replaced four high-containment parapets which were beyond serviceable repair, despite numerous challenging factors. The combined expertise of our partnership successfully delivered a scheme that was historically seen as ‘too difficult to do’ due to the rail-rail interface. Working collaboratively with the National Highways and Network Rail, we safely completed the project with minimal impact on customers and stakeholders, incorporating additional activities, while bringing it in under budget.


  • The AFR for both National Highways and supply chain staff was 0.0.
  • Zero RIDDOR or Lost Time Events.
  • Hemlock identified in verge – treated then removed.
  • 25 near misses / positive interventions recorded to improve site safety.
Customer Service
  • Full closures carried out overnight at weekends.
  • Close liaison with stakeholders including Network Rail.
  • Additional barrier works absorbed into the programme.
  • Specified works delivered £300k under budget.
  • Delivered an additional £200k through Compensation Events.