Civil Engineering


STEM Site & Compound Visit

Pupil Referral Unit see our operations first-hand

Carnell invited a local Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) along to their A38 Fradley compound, so that students could experience highways maintenance operations and get an insight into careers in construction.

After a site induction and safety briefing where they were provided with personal protective equipment (PPE), the class were given a tour of a segregated area of the compound. Here they could get up close to several pieces of plant and equipment that reflect Carnell’s civils, drainage survey, lighting, and traffic management capabilities. The students and teachers engaged with Carnell staff which included three apprentices, one of whom attended a PRU themselves.

Following lunch, there was a tour of site. The A38 scheme provided a fairly unique opportunity for Carnell to bring visitors, being that pedestrian access is maintained on the service road. This provided a close view of the activities on site during an escorted drive-through as well as from the footpath.

Engaging Activities

A PRU is a type of school that caters for children who aren’t able to attend a mainstream school, with those that attend often needing greater care and support. The aim of this STEM experience was to educate and inspire the students. It seemed like this was even the case with the teachers, with one of the staff members who attended saying “it’s the best school day ever!”

  • Crawler camera obstacle course – the fastest time wins a prize!
  • Dumper & Duck – plant certification and a view from on-board.
  • SafetyCam tour – how and why we need to protect the workforce.
  • EcoSite Solartainer & HVO – Reducing Carbon emissions on site.
  • MEWP – see the cherry-picker in action and try on a harness.
  • CAT & Genny – How and why a cable avoidance tool is used.
  • Site visit – looking at what improvements have been made and why.