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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion are cornerstones of a fair working environment that promotes respect and dignity in the workplace. The Equality Act 2010 provides protection against discrimination of ‘protected characteristics’: age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marriage, civil partnership and pregnancy/maternity. Carnell goes beyond it’s legal obligations and cascades these principles through recruitment, and customer service to everything else it does on a daily basis.


We consider any form of slavery and human trafficking to be abhorrent and are committed to acting with integrity and appropriate transparency in our business dealings.

The firm is committed to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility and ethical conduct. We are also committed to developing effective systems and controls to safeguard against any form of slavery or human trafficking occurring within our organisation or in our supply chains.

If you have any concerns surrounding the practice, contact the National Modern Slavery Helpline on
08000 121 700

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We celebrate diversity. We make the most of our differences because they make us stronger.

Every one of us has a unique perspective, shaped by factors such as our background, education, gender, culture, race, age, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs, and disability.

It’s vital we make decisions that reflect those diverse needs, and build an inclusive organisation. We are all entitled to live free and equal.

Equal. Diverse. Inclusive.


We call upon all communities to be tolerant, to reject prejudice… to ensure freedom and equality.



The company takes it’s EDI responsibilities seriously, and has undertaken a review to ensure that we are fully compliant with our responsibilities:

• Our Equal Opportunities, Dignity at Work, and Whistle Blowing policies have been reviewed and made easier to access through the employee portal

• The company has signed up to the CIHT Diversity & Inclusion Charter

• External training on equality issues has been carried out with ACAS, and Carnell have worked with National Highways to scope out ‘what excellence looks like’

• Carnell regularly undertakes a survey, along with National Highways, as part of a joint aim to extend diversity in our industry.

Our EDI (FIR) Ambassadors are Lucy Coates and Ellis Noble.  They are leading the initiative for Carnell to have a best-in-class approach on this key issue. A regular internal newsletter has helped to develop awareness of EDI (as well as employee health), and keeps employees up to date with what we are working on, to continue the cycle of self-improvement.

> View our Equal Opportunities Policy


The company is pleased to present it’s second gender pay gap report in 2021, for the relevant period ending with the ‘snapshot date’ 5th April 2020.

Pay structures in the business are fundamentally different for weekly paid site based workers and monthly paid staff; site based workers make up the majority of the workforce (>60%), and their pay structure includes significant enhancements for night work; overtime is regularly paid. Monthly paid (non-site) workers will not typically benefit from either of these pay enhancements, but are incentivised on performance using performance related pay/bonus. As females are more highly represented in our staff headcount than in our predominantly night based safety critical site work, this results in a mean ‘bonus gap’ that moves significantly in favour of females.

This is not a gender based gap, but rather a reflection of the composition of the workforce between site based and staff.

Notwithstanding the above, the company believes that it has a balanced and fair approach to employee remuneration, the business must do more to close the gender pay gaps, and in particular, ensure greater female representation at senior levels as part of that strategy, in order to ensure that equality of opportunity and fairness in pay remains embedded in the culture of the business both in recruitment and in promotion.

> Download our Gender Paygap Report 2021

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We recognise that our activities impact on our people, our customers, and the communities in which we operate.

At Carnell, we are committed to considering the needs of others; we not only demand consideration and tolerance from ourselves, but we actively seek to communicate, promote and embed these values throughout our supply chain, and throughout our industry.

Fair. Inclusive. Respectful.


The time is always right to do what is right.