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Responsible Employer

We want all Carnell employees to perform to the best of their ability. As a responsible employer we embrace best practices and assist our workforce in looking after themselves. We insist that everyone adheres to sensible working hours to maintain a healthy work life balance and encourage them to look after their mind, body and soul.
We want to leave a responsible legacy in the community in which we operate, and we demand the same of our supply chain.


Carnell have encouraged employees to speak out against inappropriate or unsafe behaviour in the workplace for many years, and we have maintained a policy that protects ‘whistleblowers’ from any adverse impact from reporting incidents.

If you have any concerns about how a colleague is being treated or about how a colleague is treating others – report it to your line manager, or speak to a senior manager, or call Safecall – a totally independent company who will, if you wish, guarantee your anonymity.

In partnership with SafeCall, Carnell have now gone a step further, and ensured that reporting any such incidents can now be done anonymously.