Civil Engineering

Safety Barrier & Fencing
A leading provider of road restraint systems for National Highways, on their six-year Scheme Delivery Framework

Providing a reliable and complete solution

Carnell have been principal contractor on several high-profile barrier schemes on the strategic road network over the last decade. Since 2021 we have delivered our Safety Barrier & Fencing capabilities as AGC, working in partnership with structures specialist AmcoGiffen to drive innovation and best value in terms of sustainability, social impact and effectiveness.

AGC are the first-placed SDF lot provider for Road Restraint Systems in the Midlands super region as well as being placed in the North West and Yorkshire North East regions.

Vehicle Restraint Systems

We have built the capacity and capabilities to maintain the entire range of highway VRS systems such as concrete barrier, single and double sided corrugated and open box-beam.

Our ISO 9001 certification includes NHSS 10B: ​Permanent Vehicle Restraint Systems (incorporating NHSS 2B & NHSS 5B).

Schemes recently completed include:

  • A1(M)J59-J60 Concrete Barrier
  • M5 J6-J7 Concrete Barrier
  • A5 Mileoak – Steel VRS

Bridge parapet

We install bridge parapet, which require temporary works and additional risk reduction measures due to working at height.

We work with manufacturer Versco who are a 10A sector scheme approved supplier to provide the parapet systems, terminations and VRS transitions.

Schemes recently completed include:

noise barrier

We have undertaken noise barrier schemes for National Highways.

Due to the nature of the schemes, we have also been involved in public information events for local communities  for which the noise barriers will alleviate the noise pollution.

Schemes in-progress include:

  • A421 Marston Moretaine noise barrier.

boundary fencing

We have a long history of installing post & rail and other types of boundary fencing. 

The supply, installation and repair of boundary fencing is covered by the scope of our National Highways Sector Scheme 2A certification. 

Schemes recently completed include: 

  • M1 Trowell Boundary Fence

barrier Surveys

Our involvement in barrier surveys has predominantly come from find & fix surveys where we jointly survey beam and posts to identification of safety critical defects, leading to their swift remediation.

Schemes recently completed include:

Specialist plant

In 2023, we invested in our own specialist plant to improve our self-delivery capabilities. Our current fleet includes:

  • Barrier Master BM15 post puller – Quickly and safely removes all posts, with any foundation.
  • Orteco SMART 800 hydraulic pile driver – Crawler mounted machine for safety barrier installation.
  • Push-pull test equipment – to determine the anchorage properties of the safety barrier.
  • Cheese wedge lorry (coming soon).

We work with specialist installation partners to supplement our capacity when required.

AGC: The AmcoGiffen & Carnell Partnership

AGC, which comprises of AmcoGiffen and Carnell deliver barrier and fencing works in the central super region, and north-west and north east regions.

The joint venture expertly marries highways with rail delivery methods, and means that we can draw upon different skills and capabilities from both sister organisations, adding strength, combining competencies and specialist abilities.

The objective of the partnership is to drive innovation and best value in terms of sustainability, social impact and effectiveness.

Case Studies

We have created several case studies of our Safety Barrier & Fencing capabilities. Click here and select the ‘Barrier’ filter to see examples of our work.