Civil Engineering

Technology & Lighting
Carnell provides installation and maintenance services on roadside lighting and communications assets.

Maintaining roadside communications assets

We have extensive knowledge of the highway technology asset and our electrical engineers can implement and manage all facets of a scheme from design to commissioning.


Highway Communications

We provide a full turn key service incorporating civils, cabling and commissioning. 

We have a broad range of experience and are specialist providers of gantry installation, message sign construction and the associated cabinet sites and dusted systems on the strategic road network.

Historically we have been involved in ERT replacement, MIDAS and Ramp Metering schemes.

We have the highest safety and quality standards achieved through sector scheme 8 (HERS) accreditation.

Road Lighting renewal & Maintenance

We have installed thousands of columns and lights across the strategic road network as well as providing upgrades such as cable replacement, lantern upgrades, feeder pillar refurb and label upgrades. 

Services also include undertaking electrical surveys and producing accurate design drawings and Bills of Quantities.

Illuminated signs

Full turn key service incorporating civils, cabling and commissioning. Highest safety and quality standards achieved through sector scheme 8 (HERS) accreditation.

Traffic Signal & CCTV installation

Our team have installed camera systems comprising of foundations (screw pile, reinforced concrete pile and spread footing) cabinet infrastructure and access arrangements.

In addition, the installation and commissioning of 2nd Generation CCTV cameras, making all adjustments to the TVBS in the RCC.



Incident response

We have fully equipped crews ready to be mobilised at short notice to respond to incidents and emergencies to ensure risk is managed and customer impact minimised.

As part of the NRTS framework, we provide 24/7 cover for any faults or issues on the network, coordinating civils gangs and traffic management.

We respond quickly to cases of Damage to Crown Property (DCP) to restore traffic signals and columns and road traffic accidents on the motorway where cabinets are damaged.

Fault Find & Fix

We use our expertise and cutting-edge fault-finding equipment to trace and resolve all types of electrical issues.

We work in collaboration with the client and designers to find cost-effective solutions which make electrical assets safer and more resilient, while minimising disruption.

Our trace and fix methodology avoids the need to undertake re-cabling work which could require intrusive civils and more disruptive road closures. By repairing rather than replacing the asset provides a more environmentally sustainable solution, while making better use of resources and time.

Our ‘in-house’ team of experienced and highly skilled highways electricians operate nationwide and are HERS certified (sector scheme 8).


Carnell provide surveys and emergency response to Telent on the National Road Telecommunications Service. This links 30,000 roadside assets (signs, signals, cameras) to seven regional control centres and the National Traffic Operation Centre enabling National Highways to manage and operate the network safely and efficiently.

Our services include: Civils Assistance, ES1s, Battery Deliveries, Equipment deliveries, RTA response, Cable faults, Duct Proving, Chamber Surveys, TS Maintenance, 24/7 Call Outs.