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Innovations that show the way

You can rely on our programme of innovations to make things safer, smarter and more efficient. That applies whether we’re revolutionising the speed and cost of drainage surveys, dramatically extending the range of continuous GPR scanning, deterring dangerous driving, cutting vehicle movements and emissions in roadside filter drain refurbishment, reducing hazardous stone scatter, or providing vital asset management information

Solar lighting


Carnell are working with suppliers to decarbonise compounds and the plant used on schemes for National Highways. This approach has seen us lead the industry in adopting best practices which reduce not only the carbon footprint, but also fuel costs and the effect of noise and air pollution on local communities.

In January 2022, we calculated that by using sustainable solutions such as HVO fuel, solar hybrid generators, solar tower lights and solar CCTV security cameras in one of our standard compounds, we would reduce CO2e emissions by 6,346kg.


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Carnell pioneered the use of CleverScan on the National Highways network. This innovative technique is used to record all drainage chamber details for a CS 551 compliant ‘pipework and chambers defect survey by CCTV’ and provides benefits which enhance the National Highways imperatives of safety, customer and delivery.

The CleverScan laser scanning units allow for a higher level of detail to be captured for each chamber and a lot quicker than traditional methods.  Site outputs have typically doubled from 2000m using manual data-capture to 4000m per shift.

The client is able to view the chamber information in a high-resolution video format and interrogate the chamber structural and service condition in detail, but more importantly it also can be viewed as a 3D Point Cloud and all chambers can be linked geographically.

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FLOODprevent is a prioritised find and fix drainage solution to prevent network flooding. Traditional Full Asset Detailed Defect Surveys (FADDS) are used to undertake drainage investigations ahead of schemes or investment decisions, enabling an accurate build-up of the scope of works.

FLOODPrevent surveys help asset holders to quickly collect critical drainage inventory and condition data, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding targeted interventions and ongoing maintenance.

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Road workers are continually exposed to hazards associated with traffic and movement of vehicles on site.

SAFETYcam is a mobile road worker protection system that fuses image, video and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology with state of the art processing and reporting techniques. It aims to improve the safety of road workers by improving driver behaviour in and around work sites.

SAFETYcam utilises two camera systems – one to monitor and report on the speeds of passing site traffic and one to record beginning to end submissible footage of unauthorised vehicle incursions into road works. As well as hosting both specialist camera systems and on-board Wi-Fi capability, SAFETYcam is a fully resourced and functional site welfare vehicle that is available for use by all.

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Carnell have developed a revolutionary drainage survey resource for fast and cost-effective highway asset management.

Focusing on the most relevant asset and condition information a streamlined site team can work under IPV to collect GPS and CCTV data thereby increasing survey lengths by 300% whilst still enabling DDMS compatibility.

FastTrack is less than half the cost of a traditional CCTV survey and improves roadworker safety by reducing their time on the high speed network and utilising custom-built Survey & Welfare vehicles which are accessed further from live running lanes.

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Launched in 2012, SMARTscan was developed to provide a quicker, safer and more cost-effective indication of filter drain condition. Ground Probing Radar is utilised in a unique way to indicate the porosity of filter drains, and when combined with vacuum-extracted samples, and video of the surface gives a comprehensive condition assessment.

SMARTscan is a rolling survey, allowing lengths of up to 40km to be surveyed in one shift; under the protection of an IPV instead of a static lane closure.

Unlike trial holes at regular intervals, SMARTscan gives continuous data for the full length, is safer for the road worker and offers best value for the client.

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A market first in providing on-site refurbishment of roadside filter drains.

By recycling the filter media in-situ, only material not conforming to Type B specification is removed from site, whilst drains are left functioning fully.

Fewer HGV transfers, minimal import from quarries & loads to landfill ensure that the STONEmaster process is both an environmentally sustainable and cost-effective method of prolonging asset lifespan.

Filter drains operating at their optimum performance level effectively remove surface run-off and sub-base moisture, to ensure roads are safer and last longer.

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A portable method of surveying drainage pipes regardless of their location.

For when access is restricted or connectivity is the main focus of the CCTV condition survey, Carnell’s SMARTview cameras provide a snap-shot of the piped asset condition. A quick, safe and cost-effective solution, the fully mobile pole-mounted camera is controlled by a hand-held tablet giving a clear image of up to 40m down a pipe or culvert.

SMARTview minimises Traffic Management costs often removing them altogether if off-network parking can be secured, meanwhile safety is improved as the need for confined spaces entry is eliminated.

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Eliminating vehicle embedment and reducing stone scatter when vehicles stray on to roadside filter drains.

Independently approved by TRL (Transport Research Laboratory), STABLEdrain was successfully introduced in to filter drain refurbishment programmes in 2003.

StableDrain significantly improves road user safety and reduces managing agent clean-up costs, by allowing errant vehicles to maintain control when they drive on to a roadside filter drain.

Adopted within the HA Advice Note 217/08 ‘Alternative Filter Media and Surface Stabilisation Techniques for Combined Surface and Subsurface Drains‘.

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DDMS Surveys

Carnell first undertook drainage asset inventory and condition surveys on the highways network in 2005. Our pioneering service was the first to comply with CD 535 and CS 551 standards and be uploaded to DDMS, Highways England’s drainage database.

Since then Carnell have remained at the forefront of the industry, developing our offering to provide Full Asset Detailed Defect Surveys, Connectivity Surveys and FASTtrack surveys on the carriageway assets as well as specifically on Balancing Ponds, Outfalls & Culverts.

Through investment into the latest technologies and development of our in-house teams, Carnell still provide the most reliable and complete drainage solution.

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