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A prioritised find and fix drainage solution to prevent network flooding.

Traditional Pipework and Chambers Defect surveys by CCTV are used to undertake drainage investigations ahead of schemes or investment decisions, enabling an accurate build-up of the scope of works.

FloodPrevent surveys help asset holders to quickly collect critical drainage inventory and condition data, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding targeted interventions and ongoing maintenance.

The problem

  • Lack of drainage condition data, leading to lack of proactive maintenance and long term asset management planning.
  • Existing survey process Pipework and Chambers Defect survey by CCTV is slow and expensive but required to gain funding through the Value Management process.
  • Flooding events can close the strategic road network, cause disruption to customers and damage HE reputation.
  • Excessive carriageway surface water can cause serious road traffic accidents.
  • Poor drainage maintenance can shorten the life of other assets, e.g. pavements and embankments.
  • • Network access is difficult due to the large amount of roadworks on the network

Plan & implementation

  • LEAN review of the Pipework and Chambers Defect survey by CCTV process to eliminate waste and add value.
  • Development of a new process to reduce the standing time of camera crew.
  • Provision of a full length survey to identify all structural defects.
  • Integration of routine maintenance into the process.
  • Targeting of areas with poor drainage/flooding hotspots or lack of condition inventory.
  • Development of a multi-purpose vehicle to reduce the number of vehicles on site.
  • Integration of surveys with other works, to enable shared TM.


FloodPrevent survey data is available 24/7/365, on-site or in office,  via the online Interactive Drainage Viewer.


The advantages of FLOODprevent align with the three Highways England imperatives:


Our aim is that no one should be harmed when traveling or working on the strategic road network.
We care about each other, our suppliers, our customers and communities.

Safer carriageway for road users

Proactive targeted jetting reduces flood risk.

Cat 1 defects identified.

Provides an enhanced Section 58 defence.

Road worker exposure reduced through faster outputs and shared TM.

Customer Service

Improving how what we do affects those that use the roads.

Reduces risk of delays due to flooding.

Less network occupancy through shared TM.

Double the output reduces time on the network.

Proactive maintenance reduces future interventions.

Reduces risk of excessive surface water, improving driver experience.


Of the Road Investment Strategy on time and efficiently.

Routine maintenance activity integrated with other works.

Forward programme developed through VM.

Longer term budgets for RIS 2 identified.

Effective drainage prolongs the life of other assets.

Making best use of available funding.

Improved network intelligence.



Outputs are 3 times higher than traditional CCTV averaging 1500 metres per shift.



The cost of a FLOODprevent survey is up to 2 times cheaper than a traditional CCTV drainage survey.



FLOODprevent™ survey reports are available within half the time of traditional surveys; typically 2-3 weeks.



100% electronic reports are available 24/7/365 via the ‘Carnell Portal’ and updated automatically following repeat surveys.



FLOODprevent surveys comply with HD43/04 and SD15/03 specifications as modified by IAN 147/12



FLOODprevent eliminates paper based reports that are bulky to store and unsuitable for use in the field environment.

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