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Cost-effective risk-based tool which assesses filter drain performance to improve network knowledge.

CIHT Awards 2013: Winner – Technological Application & Commended – Highways Asset Management

SMARTscan has been developed by Carnell as a ‘risk-based approach’ to the condition assessment of roadside filter drains. Using innovative technology combined with multimedia files and sampling techniques, an accurate analysis of the filter drain asset’s performance is quickly produced.

Carnell’s fleet of custom-built SMARTscan vehicles undertake a high speed, non-intrusive investigation of the filter drain’s surface and sub-surface condition. GPR, video and mapping data are presented together in an interactive software application to provide robust evidence for the VM process and aid identification of potential flooding hot-spots. The survey data is captured in accordance with CD 535 and can be uploaded to DDMS.

Whether the filter drain is located at the roadside or on the boundary fence line it can be surveyed due to the development of SMARTscan:ATV, an all-terrain vehicle able to reach the top of steep batters away from the carriageway edge.

The benefits

  • Improved knowledge of asset condition
  • Achieves distance of up to 40km per shift.
  • SMARTscan covers 10 times the distance of a similarly detailed walking survey.
  • Reduced network occupancy and roadworker exposure.
  • 50% Cheaper than traditional methods.
  • Provides robust evidence for CVM Process.
  • CD 535 compatible output, uploadable to DDMS & Carnell’s Drainage Viewer.
  • Hot-spots identified for risk-based and targeted interventions

Typical uses

  • Used on roadside filter drains in the verge and central reservation.
  • ATV utilised on filter drains remote from the carriageway such as at the top of embankments at the boundary fence line.
  • Preliminary survey of networks with history of flooding, or with high flood risk.
  • Rapid collection of condition data where no information exists.
  • Can quickly be rolled out across entire area networks.

How does it compare?



40,000 linear metres can be achieved per 8 hour shift.



The cost of a SMARTscan survey is half that of trial hole surveys covering the same length.



SMARTscan covers 10 times the distance of Trial Hole Surveys in the same time-frame, thereby reducing roadworker exposure.



Data output such as drainage type and condition can be uploaded to HADDMS and is HD43/04 compatible as amended by IAN147/12



SMARTscan: ATV utilises a six-wheeled all-terrain vehicle to undertake surveys at the top and bottom of motorway embankments.



SMARTscan eliminates paper based reports that are bulky to store and unsuitable for use in the field environment.

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