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Eliminating vehicle embedment and reducing stone scatter when vehicles stray on to roadside filter drains

TRL Approved Process

The application of STABLEdrain in the upper levels of the filter drain media provides a reinforced layer within the filter drain structure. STABLEdrain distributes the loads imposed by vehicles and so can withstand both accidental overrunning and being traversed in an emergency, resulting in a dramatic reduction of both stone scatter and vehicle embedment, which can require clear-up and recovery operations respectively.

Filter drains have no integral source of stabilisation, and if vehicles encroach onto them it can cause safety and maintenance issues such as Stone scatter onto adjacent carriageway, Vehicle embedment in the drain and Carrier pipe damage. Carnell’s STABLEdrain improves road safety and reduces the impact and cost of vehicle encroachment.

The patented technology was independently tested by TRL in December 2002 and successfully completed 78 individual tests, which involved the trafficking by a range of vehicles at various speeds.

The benefits

  • Cost savings due to elimination of clear up operations and vehicle recovery.
  • Road safety improvement by significantly reducing stone scatter.
  • Minimises highway disruption through rapid installation times.
  • Carriageway standing water removed as filter drain porosity maintained
  • Fully recyclable.

Typical uses

  • Implemented behind STONEmaster
  • Installed as a standalone operation
  • Useful when hardshoulder running