Civil Engineering

A proven track record

Carnell provides specialist maintenance and support services that help ensure safety and efficiency for the UK’s road network infrastructure. For almost three decades, major public and private sector customers have relied on Carnell for cost effective, sustainable solutions to improve their network assets. Carnell has a proven track record of collaborating with clients and other supply-chain members to safely deliver excellence and certainty of outcome.  With a history of award-winning innovations, they operate nationally from their HQ in Staffordshire and offices throughout the UK, working with the local communities to provide social value.

Our Mission

To raise the threshold of excellence in highway maintenance, and inspire our clients and suppliers to be as passionate about safety and social value as we are.


Carnell have extensive experience of working in safety critical environments. Safety is integral to all aspects of our operations and we are committed to the promotion of a first class health & safety culture, which we believe is key to our business success. Our Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems are certified to ISO 45001:2018 standard.

We are members of RoSPA and as of 2023 are five times President’s Award winners (14 consecutive Gold Awards). Our safety strategy is supported by our ‘Let’s All Go Home Safely” campaign and we are committed to National Highways’ first imperative that ‘no one should be harmed when travelling or working on the strategic road network.’

Zero accident frequency rate

We identify and manage hazards and risks through assessment and control systems. Any site incidents and accidents result in a board-led root cause investigation.

Since 2017, we have had a Zero AFR – a testament to the commitment of our workforce, site management and SHEQ teams to creating a safe working environment. In 2020 we achieved 4 million hours without a RIDDOR reportable accident.

RoSPA Presidents Award status

We are proud members of RoSPA and have continued to progress through the ranks over the years. Starting in 2006 we won our first of four Silver Awards, achieving Gold in 2010, Gold Medal (5 consecutive Gold Awards) in 2014 and were presented with our fifth President’s Award (14 consecutive Gold Awards) in 2023.

Safety commitment

Our commitment to safety & health is integrated into everything we do, openly sharing a two way flow of knowledge and experience with our staff and everyone we interact with. Our long term aim is to achieve zero incidents.


We are committed to improving the health & wellbeing of all our employees, not only ensuring everyone goes home safely at the end of each shift but also ensuring we give them every encouragement in maintaining a long and happy life away from work.

Our Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems are certified to ISO 45001:2018 standard.

We  support National Highway’s Home Safe and Well vision, which is their approach to health, safety and wellbeing.

Health Assessments

Starting in 2014, all Carnell employees are now enrolled on an independently run health screening programme, with site based employees upgraded to the more stringent Safety Critical Assessment. To date, we’ve helped many employees identify and manage sight and hearing issues, whilst also identifying early stage HAVS, blood pressure and kidney failure symptoms.

Health & Wellbeing Bulletins

Since 2013, we have distributed quarterly Health and Wellbeing Bulletins, to help keep the workforce informed about relevant subjects.

Drugs & Alcohol Testing

Carnell recognise the dangers associated with drugs and alcohol in the workplace and carry out extensive D&A testing across our workforce, in conjunction with HE and their supply chain network. In support of this robust testing regime, we offer help and support to those individuals who approach us with D&A problems away from the test arena.


We endeavour to improve customer satisfaction and experience when our customers are impacted by our work. This includes work on sites for our clients, and our office presence in communities across the country.

We support National Highways’ second imperative which is Customer (behind Safety) and are working with them to increase our Customer maturity.

Think Customer

Our established ‘Think customer’ culture is based around four key objective areas that together support our aim that customer service become ‘business as usual’. These are Leadership; People; Systems and Maturity. These will ensure that customer service success is designed and structured and not a product of chance.

Service With Respect

Carnell support the Institute of Customer Service’s campaign to end abuse of our essential workers. Our teams worked through the covid-19 crisis to maintain the strategic road network to support healthcare and logistics. Abuse towards road workers who are just doing their job is completely unacceptable.

Customer Awards

Our work has been recognised through national customer service and industry awards:

  • Highways England Awards 2020 – Customer Award Finalist
  • UK Customer Satisfaction Awards – Customer Commitment Finalist
  • Highways England Awards 2018 – Customer Experience Winner


We’re actively committed to minimising the impact of our operations in every way we can, and to protecting flora, fauna and wildlife.

Our management system is fully certified to the environmental standard ISO 14001.

We invest in developing technologies and solutions that cut down waste, carbon emissions and whole life costs.

Our services are designed to minimise any effect caused by our work – for example through innovative recycling, reducing works traffic volumes, and using alternative fuels.

Environmental Benefits of STONEmaster

  • Our patented STONEmaster process provides significant benefits compared to traditional filter drain recycling methods.
  • Each STONEmaster unit can recycle 75,000 tonnes of aggregate per annum resulting in savings of:
  • 230,000 HGV miles travelled.
  • 800 tonnes of Carbon emissions.


We are committed to continued excellent delivery of services, linked to an unrivalled understanding of our customers’ requirements.  This ethos extends right across our business activities.

We implement and maintain quality procedures which are accredited to the latest recognised international standard ISO 9001. To support our commitment to this standard and our client training schemes, we’ve also successfully integrated National Highways Sector Schemes (NHSS) 2A, 8 and 18 into our certification.

Documented objectives are set and reviewed during our management system review meetings, and monitored during internal audits and divisional review meetings.  All our staff are involved in the implementation of our quality systems through training and communication.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is a fundamental component of our customers’ contracts. Sharing our performance management system with our customers helps to promote best practice. By aligning our KPIs with theirs, we’re easy to do business with – and our operations are fast, lean and right first time.

Our performance management system captures and reports information across our four business streams.

Smart approach

Regularly measuring our performance helps us to understand the effectiveness of our activities, so that we can deliver continuous improvement throughout our organisation.

We do it by:

  • Benchmarking current performance.
  • Developing a performance management system for capturing and reporting data.
  • Setting realistic and challenging targets against performance measures.
  • Reviewing monthly performance and identifying improvement areas.
  • Sharing best practice within our business streams and clients.


We work together with our clients and other suppliers to improve performance for all.

Carnell achieved BS 44001:2022 Collaborative Business Relationships certification in 2022, building on our previous certification to BS 11001.

We implement our collaborative approach across our contracts, sharing best practices and also learning from each other’s experiences to improve productivity and minimise waste.  We strive to meet mutually agreed goals for the benefit of all parties.

Partnership Success

Carnell’s partnership approach has been recognised numerous times at national awards ceremonies:

  • Institute of Collaborative Working Awards 2019: Winner of the Supply Chain Award with the HE Area 3&9 Strategic Road Network Alliance.
  • Highways Awards 2019: Winner of the Partnership Award and Judge’s Special Merit Award with the HE Area 7 EMAD Community.
  • CIHT Awards 2019: Winner of the Collaboration Award with the HE Area 3&9 SRN Alliance and Winner of the Team of the Year Award with the HE Area 7 EMAD Community.
  • IHE Mercia Branch National Awards 2019: Winner of Team of the Year with HE Area 7 EMAD Community.
  • In 2016 the Chartered Institute of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) twice commended Carnell and other alliance members’ entries into their Partnership Award, while the HE Area 9 Delivery Community of which Carnell are a member then won the IHE Mercia Award for Partnership of the Year.


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Our Policies

As a progressive organisation, we have documented many of our principles which show the commitment we have to the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees. By promoting a best-in-class approach to these key issues, we believe the benefits are passed on to our clients, suppliers and customers.

Our clients

Collaborating closely with National Highways, other transport authorities and departments and their tier one maintenance service providers, we work to the shared aims of sustaining economic development, improving our environment, maintaining safe, serviceable and free-flowing networks, and helping to make them more accessible and integrated.