Civil Engineering

Our Capabilities
Our experienced and multi-skilled workforce deliver an extensive range of services day in and day out. We operate on a national basis and always respond to our clients needs without ever compromising safety. Our collaborative approach gets us involved early in the process to manage risks and uncertainty by anticipating and resolving potential issues.

Providing specialist maintenance and support


We are a multi-discipline highways maintenance provider that concentrates on working with our clients and suppliers to improve value and develop innovative techniques, which provides sustainable solutions whilst keeping our workforce safe. We have split our areas of work into Drainage Survey & Remediation, Safety Barrier & Fencing, SafetyCam solutions, Technology & Lighting, Filter Drain Recycling and Civil Engineering, however these capabilities overlap, with teams often working together to effectively achieve our clients’ objectives.

Drainage Survey & Remediation

An in-depth knowledge of highways drainage has led to the development of innovative techniques for filter drain remediation. Our in-house Technical Services team is able to diagnose the problem and make recommendations. We provide the full range of repair techniques for piped drainage including no-dig solutions.




Safety Barrier & Fencing

A leading provider of road restraint systems for National Highways, on their six-year Scheme Delivery Framework.

Developing a reliable and complete solution while working in partnership with AmcoGiffen to drive innovation and best value in terms of sustainability, social impact and effectiveness.




SafetyCam Solutions

SAFETYcam is a mobile road worker protection system that
fuses image, video and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology with state of the art processing and reporting techniques. It aims to improve
the safety of road workers by improving driver behaviour in and around work

As well as hosting both specialist camera systems and on-board Wi-Fi capability, SAFETYcam is a fully resourced and functional site welfare vehicle that is available for use by all.

Technology & Lighting

Carnell partners with National Highways and their technology service providers, to install and maintain roadside communications assets such as variable message signs, CCTV equipment, emergency telephones, ramp-metering systems and the associated electronic apparatus. We are also a framework contractor to carry out maintenance work on the National Roads Telecommunications Service (NRTS) Project including Transmission Stations.


Filter Drain Recycling

Following the introduction of our pioneering StoneMaster filter drain refurbishment process in 2003, Carnell have continued to invest in developing cost-effective, sustainable solutions for the repair, refurbishment and installation of drainage networks. 





Civil Engineering

At Carnell, we have the expertise to successfully deliver both new-build and maintenance schemes for civils infrastructure on the highways. Our dedicated service teams will work with you, from planning and design through to commissioning and implementation. The breadth of experience gained over the last two decades and a multi-skilled workforce ensure that we can successfully deliver any project, from footpath installation to full highway depot construction.