Civil Engineering

A prioritised find and fix drainage solution to prevent network flooding.

Find&Fix enables asset holders to quickly collect safety-critical drainage condition data and provide targeted risk-based interventions on their network. We work in collaboration with our clients to deliver their optimum solution, using our unrivalled range of survey, remediation and GIS technology.


Lean methodology reduces resources throughout the process.


Robust data provides justification of interventions and asset condition.

Carnell have designed several survey and remediation packages which deliver quick and  cost-effective solutions to improve the functionality of network drainage assets performance  and extend their lifespan.

Working with the client, we provide a tailored approach which is data-led, to develop risk-based interventions on the network. We have a full range of solutions to identify and repair safety-critical structural defects, while providing post-construction information which can help to build future schemes.

The adaptable process is devised in collaboration with the client to navigate each contract’s commercial / value management challenges to have the most effective benefit to road-users.

Some of the existing approaches are:

Proactive maintenance

Areas of missing condition data is correlated against flooding hotspots. A jetter-led survey programme is developed which supports the 3D VM stage-gate process. The emphasis on pipe-cleansing clears blockages and facilitates additional survey data to develop future schemes.

Find & Fix

In areas of persistent flooding and little condition data, survey and remediation teams are mobilised in the same road space. Where safety-critical defects are identified, proposals are discussed with the client and interventions swiftly undertaken using trenchless or invasive techniques.

Walk & Build

Desktop surveys identify the need for intervention with a targeted approach. Condition assessments of the asset  and remediation proposals are provided to the client. The drainage scheme is then developed through ECI and quickly mobilised. This can also be applied to the wider asset such as ponds, ditches and soft estate using SmartScan and HDAGPR condition data.

This web-based GIS interface holds asset inventory, condition and several other relevant datasets.

The user-friendly platform can be accessed by authorised users to highlight areas for concern, prioritising further investigation or for scheme identification and development.


Drainage Viewer

Drainage Viewer is a geographical information system (GIS) that holds the network intelligence, gathered from several sources and can provide correlation between incidents and drainage condition. It helps build the programme and give cost-certainty.

Find & Fix survey data is available 24/7 through the interactive online portal.

Drainage DCF

The Data – Check – Fix approach is our asset management methodology which relies on desktop surveys to target areas most at risk and guide the positive interventions.

This removes the need for detailed design which prolongs the process, but also provides reliable survey data on the functioning asset which aids buildability of future schemes.

Our adaptable drainage asset management surveys can be used in all situations to create the optimal outcome for the client.

• Geospatial Data Sets
• Drainage
• Pavement
• Events / Environment
• Previous surveys
• DDMS / Confirm

• SmartScan filter drain survey
• HDAGPR pavement survey
• Trial holes
• GPS Survey
• CCTV Survey

• Jetting & Dewatering
• Root cutting & robotic cutting
• CIPP lining and patch repairs
• Dig-down pipe replacement
• Overburden removal and ditch re-profiling
• Filter drain recycling


The advantages of Find&Fix support Highways England three imperatives:


Swift remediation of safety-critical defects minimises risk to road users.

Customer Service

Desktop surveys and one-visit approach reduces the impact on the road user.


Targeted approach gives cost-certainty and best use of available budget.

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