Civil Engineering

Protecting communities and road workers from unsafe drivers

Improving driver behaviour

Using vehicle detection systems to capture instances of dangerous driving, whilst providing a conspicuous visual deterrent and actively changing the way people drive through road works and on diversion routes.

TM incursion capture

Developed in 2014 to reduce traffic management incursions, SafetyCam still uses 360 degree HD video and Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems to capture vehicles which are driven though cones or barriers, endangering road workers who are in the work zone.

Although it’s presence virtually eliminates instances of vehicles driving into closures, it has provided prosecution ready evidence to the police, used when the driver is seeking an advantage. 

Site speed limit compliance

A couple of years later, we installed a speed camera to the SafetyCam to track site vehicles travelling over the speed limit of the lane / road closure.

Reports are created and passed on to the client on a daily basis identifying vehicles exceeding the speed limit. The software also creates a vehicle profile, showing each time it passes and whether driver behaviour has improved, or if further action is required.

Diversion route monitoring

SafetyCam is being increasingly used on diversion routes and rat-runs, particularly where a significant increase in the number of HGVs is expected, or has been reported, travelling at speed through villages. 

The goal here is to improve community relationships, by minimising the disruption caused by road works. 

The data can be used to work with hauliers identified to use a more suitable alternative route.

Traffic counts & analysis

The ANPR camera software can be used to give reliable figures on traffic counts. Clients have used SafetyCam ahead of and then during schemes to monitor changes in traffic levels.  


site security

SafetyCam has been deployed as site security where protesters have attempted to tunnel under roads. The wifi and cloud-based storage mean that footage captured is secure and can be accessed remotely.

The welfare and office facilities plus solar panels and eco-run lock system mean that it can remain operational without the engine running, providing a good place to congregate in all weathers.

Security guard and dog not included!


SafetyCam has a wifi router and some of the fleet have 60″ screens installed to show site safety information and alerts.

We have collaborated with HRS and Chevron Traffic Management to create SafetyHub, software which shows a live feed of several SafetyCam vehicles and other incursion and traffic monitoring systems. These are continuing to be developed.

The SafetyCam vehicle also has welfare and office facilities incorporated into it for the use of site teams. Defibrillators can be installed where requested.

Solar SafetyCam

The newest versions of our safety camera vans now feature solar panels on the roof, meaning they can operate without the engine running, leading to significant fuel and cost savings.


The on-board systems have a high drain on the battery, which meant that the engine used to be left idling for the entire shift. The new solar panels, combined with an intelligent battery monitoring system, enables the equipment and welfare facilities to operate for approximately 90% of the shift without the engine running, automatically starting up when the battery level is running low.