Civil Engineering


M180 River Trent

parapet replacement in north lincolnshire

We completed nearly 600m of bridge parapet on the M180 River Trent scheme through AGC, our partnership with AmcoGiffen.

Working as principal contractor, we delivered the scheme for the National Highways Area 12 contract between October and December 2022.

After navigating National Highways’ technical approval process, with temporary works, departures from standards and permanent works approvals, we managed to overcome several issues, completing the project in three months.

The scheme benefits included safer journeys and a reduction in the need for future repairs, meaning less disruption for the road user.

AGC: The AmcoGiffen & Carnell Partnership

AGC, which comprises of AmcoGiffen and Carnell deliver barrier and fencing works in the central super region, and north-west and north east regions.

The joint venture expertly marries highways with rail delivery methods, and means that we can draw upon different skills and capabilities from both sister organisations, adding strength, combining competencies and specialist abilities.

The objective of the partnership is to drive innovation and best value in terms of sustainability, social impact and effectiveness.