Civil Engineering


M53 / M56 Walk & Build

The full drainage find & fix solution

Carnell were engaged to undertake a pipework and chamber defect survey by CCTV, to provide up to date information on the asset condition on the M53 / M56. This was analysed alongside catchment areas to assess priority assets.  

Additional filter drain information was gathered through trial holes allowing a programme to be developed for the main works including the TM requirements. Once costed and taken through the 3D value management process the scope was agreed. 

Carnell carried out the remediation of piped and surface drainage assets within three weeks of the initial survey. A post-construction survey report was provided to update condition data. 

The remediation included jetting, no-dig pipe repairs, filter drain recycling, overburden removal and ditch re-profiling.

Find & Fix

Carnell have designed several survey and remediation packages which deliver quick and cost-effective solutions to improve the functionality of network drainage assets performance and extend their lifespan.

The adaptable process is devised in collaboration with the client to navigate each contract’s commercial / value management challenges to have the most effective benefit to road-users.


  • Desktop surveys identify the need for intervention with a targeted approach. Condition assessments of the asset and remediation proposals are provided to the client.
    The drainage scheme is then developed through ECI and quickly mobilised. This can also be applied to the wider asset such as ponds, ditches and soft estate using SmartScan and HDAGPR condition data.



  • The initial survey provided the data in this instance. 
  • Risk levels of flooding and several impact levels were assessed. 
  • Catchment areas defined and scheme broken down into problem areas. 


  • Trial holes and WAC testing x48. 
  • GPS survey of 119 point items. 
  • CCTV survey of 6,964m pipework. 


  • Jetting of 7,053m pipework. 
  • CIPP patch repairs x56. 
  • Overburden removal along a 4,700m length. 
  • StoneMaster recycled 2,300m of filter drain. 
  • Replacement of 2,400m filter drain (dig out & vac-ex). 
  • Ditch reprofiling along a 327m length.