Civil Engineering


M69 VRS Find & Fix Scheme

Tensioned beam and posts removed and replaced

Carnell successfully completed our first major barrier scheme on the National Highways SDF framework as AGC, a joint venture with our sister company AmcoGiffen.

The find and fix approach we used on the M69 required the identification of safety critical defects, and their swift remediation. Although it wasn’t known what would be required from one day to the next, AGC’s collaboration with National Highways, Chevron Traffic Management and our supply chain, along with the adaptive management and delivery capabilities led to the contract’s success.

In total, 30,800m of barrier was jointly surveyed, with 5,950m of beam and 4,500 posts removed and replaced.

The original scope was for the 15km ‘East Midlands’ section of the M69 (J1 to J3). With fewer than anticipated defects, this was extended to include 9km in the West Midlands (M6 to J1), to be completed for the same budget.

The barrier replacement consisted of single-sided corrugated and open-box beam, while 24,000m of single and double sided barrier was re-tensioned.

Much more than just a Barrier Provider

AGC demonstrated our wider ability to act as principal contractor of multi-disciplinary works. We fulfilled the PC role when asked at short notice to allow others to carry out work in the same lane closures; co-ordinating and vetting surfacing works, tree felling and street lighting operations for safety compliance and integration.

Furthermore, we used our in-house team to provide CCTV surveys of all drainage runs in the vicinity of the barrier activities. This demonstrates that we do much more than just repair and replace vehicle restraint systems, and are able to provide National Highways with a total project management solution.

The scheme started in July 2022 and with the additional works, was completed in December, as planned in the revised programme.


  • Supporting National Highways’ Home Safe & Well approach with zero lost-time incidents and zero AFR.
  • Safety leadership by acting as Principal Contractor for the multi-disciplinary works.
  • Promoting mental wellbeing initiatives “natter over a platter” and World Mental Health Day.
  • Free from service strikes, despite breaking ground on thousands of occasions.
Customer Service
  • Providing reliable journeys for road users by helping to manage road space and adapting to major projects on the M1 & M6.
  • Minimising future impact to road users by sharing closures with other suppliers to allow the completion of additional works.
  • Reducing noise and pollution to nearby communities by using solar / battery-powered plant.
  • Improving network safety.
  • Efficient use of budget, by completing 38% more barrier work for the same cost.
  • Responsive delivery through collaboration with the client National Highways and traffic management provider Chevron.
  • Find & Fix approach swiftly remediates without re-visits.
  • Use of in-house CCTV drainage survey capabilities.
  • Delivered on time and efficiently.