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Responsible Employer

We want all Carnell employees to perform to the best of their ability. As a responsible employer we embrace best practices and assist our workforce in looking after themselves. We insist that everyone adheres to sensible working hours to maintain a healthy work life balance and encourage them to look after their mind, body and soul.
We want to leave a responsible legacy in the community in which we operate, and we demand the same of our supply chain.


Carnell, in association with Canada Life have recently rolled out “YOUR SUPPORT SERVICES”. This is an employee benefit package which provides YOU with FREE access to a variety of services listed below.  The employee guide is available to see here.

Confidential telephone and face-to-face counselling, as well as support with everyday matters such as finding childcare or eldercare, legal issues and debt management.

You will have access to over 53,000 leading consultants worldwide. They offer second opinions on diagnoses and treatments for almost all conditions.

This makes it easier for YOU and YOUR families to access convenient private healthcare and competitive £££.

“We believe that our partnership with Canada Life is a great enhancement, and source of advice for issues from physical health and wellbeing, mental health counselling, and advice on the general stresses and strains of life such as divorce, debt and legal problems.”
Aidan Clarke – Managing Director


Carnell have committed to becoming a MINDFUL Employer Charter signatory. This has enabled us to provide additional support for all of our employees.

How can this benefit you? MINDFUL Employer has a 24/7 independent and completely confidential Staff helpline, this offers support for whatever life presents at you. Whether it is to do with work, relationships, health & well-being, debt, legal problems, from work-place challenges to personal difficulties, support is just a phone call away. They also offer a Managerial Advice line which is available from 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week to all Supervisors & Managers.

Who will answer the phone? CIC provides MINDFUL Employer+ on behalf of MINDFUL Employer and Devon Partnership NHS Trust. CIC advisors answering the helpline are fully qualified counsellors or psychotherapists and those taking calls to the Managerial adviceline have expert training in human behaviour and relationships and have management experience.


We have signed the Time to Change pledge.
By supporting this social movement we promise to change the way we think about mental health at work.
The site for this campaign which aims to end mental health discrimination is:

Carnell have demonstrated a commitment to change how we think and act about Mental Health in the workplace and make sure that employees who are facing these problems feel supported. By signing the Pledge we have joined a growing movement of more than 800 employers in England across all sectors.

Mental health is an issue your organisation can’t afford to ignore:

• 1 in 4 British workers are affected by conditions like anxiety, depression and stress every year.
• Mental ill-health is the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK, costing an average of £1,035 per employee per year.
• 95% of employees calling in sick with stress gave a different reason.

Looking after the mental health of your employees makes business sense: tackling stigma can make a real difference to sickness absence rates, presenteeism levels, staff wellbeing and productivity, and retention. Since signing the Employer Pledge, 95% of employers said it had a positive impact on their organisation.


Carnell have encouraged employees to speak out against inappropriate or unsafe behaviour in the workplace for many years, and we have maintained a policy that protects ‘whistleblowers’ from any adverse impact from reporting incidents.

If you have any concerns about how a colleague is being treated or about how a colleague is treating others – report it to your line manager, or speak to a senior manager, or call Safecall – a totally independent company who will, if you wish, guarantee your anonymity.

In partnership with SafeCall, Carnell have now gone a step further, and ensured that reporting any such incidents can now be done anonymously.



Nominations can be made relating to all three Highways England imperatives: Safety, Customer and Delivery.

Please let us know how you and other team members are pushing the boundaries of excellence, approved nominations receive a shopping £25 shopping voucher.



The company is pleased to present it’s first gender pay gap report in 2019, for the relevant period ending with the ‘snapshot date’ 5th April 2018.

The company notes that the results presented on the headline gender pay gap statistic are somewhat contradictory between mean and median; this reflects that the company employed 262 people on the snapshot date, which whilst over the reporting threshold, is still a small enough number that anomalies will arise relating to small numbers of relatively highly paid employees. However, the company takes the view that the gender paygap in favour of females (mean), and in favour of males (median) presents a balanced picture that reflects the company’s committment to equality.

Pay structures in the business are fundamentally different for weekly paid site based workers and monthly paid staff; site based workers make up the majority of the workforce (almost 71% at the snapshot date), and their pay structure includes enhancements for night work; overtime is also regularly paid. Monthly paid (non-site) workers will not typically benefit from either of these pay enhancements, but are incentivised on performance using performance related pay/bonus. As females are more highly represented in our staff headcount than in our safety critical site work, this results in a ‘bonus gap’ that moves significantly in favour of females.
This is not a gender based gap, but rather a reflection of the composition of the workforce between site based and staff

In summary, the business believes that the statutory reporting on gender paygap reflects positively on what we believe to be a balanced and fair approach to employee remuneration; the business also remains committed to monitoring movements in gender paygap, and ensuring that equality of opportunity and fairness in pay remains embedded in the culture of the business both in recruitment and in promotion.

Conal Neafcy
Finance & HR Director
Carnell Support Services Limited

> Download our Gender Paygap Report 2019