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We provide several specialist services and work in collaboration with the client and designers to develop a tailored solution that best meets their requirements.
Our experienced StoneMaster, Drainage Survey and SafetyCam teams work across the country and can quickly mobilise to help deliver safe, cost-effective and sustainable solutions, to the challenges faced on the trunk road network.

our heritage

Carnell have a long history of working on the Transport Scotland trunk road network.

Since 2005, Carnell have been carrying out roads maintenance work with a main focus on using the innovative solutions we have developed in drainage surveys & remediation, as well as filter drain recycling to benefit Scottish roads. 

Looking ahead, we hope to expand on this and look at how our wide ranging capabilities can be used by Transport Scotland in collaboration with Scottish operating companies and local authorities. 

Introducing Wayne Griffin

Our Operations Manager, Wayne (left) is based in Glasgow and is the lead on developing our capabilities in Scotland.

On joining Carnell, Wayne commented “After 22 years in the industry, including 8 years working for the Scottish operating companies, I’m excited to join Carnell. I’m looking forward to building a team and delivering the safer, greener and more cost-effective maintenance solutions which Carnell have developed to the Scottish market.”

To enquire about our services in Scotland, you can contact Wayne in the form below.

Highlights from our work in Scotland:



A96 StoneMaster

Carnell worked in collaboration with BEAR Scotland, the trunk road operating company for Transport Scotland’s North East unit, to undertake filter drain refurbishment at two locations on the A96 in July 2022.

Using the StoneMaster process to recycle the filter drain media in-situ, provided several carbon, safety and customer benefits over the traditional dig-out and replace method.

The combined 3,750m length of filter drain was brought back to specification in 11 night shifts, 5 fewer than planned.

m80 StoneMaster

In June 2023, we completed the M80 J5-6 Filter Drain Recycling scheme for BEAR Scotland.

This followed a SmartScan survey carried out 12 months prior, to identify the drain in the worst condition.

The StoneMaster team completed 2,826m of filter drain refurbishment in just 9 shifts.

BEAR Scotland Asset Manager Laura Gray commented: “Good working with you on this project. It’s an impressive machine.”

a96 Drainage Surveys

Carnell completed a drainage survey on the A96 in Mosstodloch and Fochabers, Moray to the Type 3 specification (plus jetting). Carnell’s specialist teams surveyed 2.2km of road in both the eastbound and westbound verges.

Our in-house Technical Services team QA checked the data before delivering the report. 136 point items and 155 continuous items were identified with asset reports created on their inventory and condition. CCTV surveys were made of the pipework with footage provided along with the drawings and GIS shapefile.

A Ground Probing Radar (GPR) survey was also conducted to identify services, providing information on their type, off-set and depth.

SE trunk roads - drainage surveys

Carnell have undertaken more than a dozen drainage surveys on the South East trunk roads network for BEAR Scotland. These have included schemes on the A1, A702, A720, M8, M9, M80 and M876. Initially carried out to Survey Type 3 standard, we have also provided jetting (pre-cleansing), to suit the client’s requirements.

One example was the M80 to M9 Chattershall merge scheme. We identified 98 point items (gullies and catchpits), and 99 continuous items (pipework and combined filter drain pipe), over a 2.3km length during two night shifts. Detailed survey reports were subsequently provided to the client’s specification to identify structural and service issues and inform decisions on remediation techniques.

Historical Schemes

Our journey in Scotland started back in 2005/2006 when we carried out several filter drain recycling schemes in the North East for BEAR Scotland and in the South West for Scotland Transerv.

We made a case study at the time, summarised as follows:
Prioritised sections along the A82 between Stone Arch and Inverbeg on the edge of Loch Lomond were refurbished over a 3 week period, during July and August of 2005.
An estimated 8,200 tonnes of aggregate was recycled during the Project. To dig out and replace this amount of material would have required in excess of 900 HGV movements. Using Carnell’s patented StoneMaster process gave an overall reduction of more than 750 vehicle movements and the associated emissions.”




Road Expo Scotland

With plans to return for 2023, team Carnell were up in Glasgow towards the end of 2022 for Road Expo Scotland. MD Andrew Sharp and Operations Manager Darren Fothergill delivered a talk on the ‘A96 Filter Drain Recycling scheme’ while Rodney Robb and Steve Penn discussed drainage solutions such as Find & Fix, SmartScan and StoneMaster. Meanwhile Mark Frost and Emlyn Bullivant showcased SafetyCam and it’s potential capabilities on Scottish roads. 
We are on stand B29 on 28-29 November 2023 at SEC Glasgow.

Our Office



Rench Farm

We co-locate with our sister company QTS at their Rench Farm office near Strathaven, South Lanarkshire (20 miles south of Glasgow).

You can see more of their fantastic working environment, set in 182 acres of land here:

Supporting Scotland's National Transport Strategy

The second Delivery Plan for Scotland’s National Transport Strategy sets out the actions to provide attractive, affordable, accessible and sustainable travel.

Carnell's innovative solutions support the main priorities: that it reduces inequalities; takes climate action; helps deliver inclusive economic growth; and improves health and wellbeing.

  • StoneMaster significantly reduces the need to import vast quantities of aggregate, cutting haulage and associated harmful emissions.
  • StoneMaster reduces the number of people on site and vehicle movements in and out of traffic management, reducing risk.
  • SafetyCam is a conspicuous visual deterrent to speeding through roadworks and incursions, keeping workers safe.
climate action
  • StoneMaster filter drain recycling provides significant Carbon savings compared to traditional ‘dig-out & replace’ methods, assisting Transport Scotland’s “pathway to becoming a Net-Zero public body.”
  • StoneMaster and SmartScan are used to improve the drainage infrastructure and increase the resilience of roads, to mitigate ‘the risks associated with changing weather patterns attributed to climate change’.
Deliver growth
  • StoneMaster, SmartScan and SafetyCam are all ‘beneficial innovations’.
  • We provide ’reliable, efficient and high-quality services’ making best use of available budgets and delivering tangible savings.

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