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Mobile road worker protection system.

Safetycam is an intelligent site safety innovation which protects road workers by using two complimentary vehicle detection systems to capture instances of dangerous driving, whilst providing a conspicuous visual deterrent and actively changing driver behaviour.


Road workers are continually exposed to hazards associated with traffic and movement of vehicles on site.

SAFETYcam is a mobile road worker protection system that fuses image, video and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology with state of the art processing and reporting techniques. It aims to improve the safety of road workers by improving driver behaviour in and around work sites.

SAFETYcam utilises two camera systems – one to monitor and report on the speeds of passing site traffic and one to record beginning to end submissible footage of unauthorised vehicle incursions into road works. As well as hosting both specialist camera systems and on-board Wi-Fi capability, SAFETYcam is a fully resourced and functional site welfare vehicle that is available for use by all.


  • Front HD Video Camera
  • Speed Camera (Rear)
  • HD Video Camera (Rear)
  • ANPR System
  • Cloud-based Data Capture
  • On-board WiFi
  • Watermarked Hard Drive
  • Operator Workspace
  • Welfare Facilities

In the last 10 years the National Highways network has seen:


Road worker fatalities.


Road workers injured by motorists.


Vehicle incursions into road works reported

During trials SAFETYcam has demonstrated:


Reduction in the number of site incursions by motorists.


Reduction in site vehicles speeding through closures.


Month on month reduction of vehicles exceeding 10mph

National Highways Trial

Since the project started on 31st July 2017, SAFETYcam has recorded the speed of over 10,000 vehicles as they pass Carnell worksites and over 22 incursions from unauthorised private vehicles entering the sites.

In September on the All Purpose Trunk Road Network, over a third of the vehicles recorded at speeds above 10mph have been emergency service vehicles on blue light runs. This level of interaction with the emergency services hasn’t previously been captured and has led to a workshop being set up and welcomed by the local Emergency Services to identify a protocol for the interaction within road closures.

SAFETYcam captured submissible footage of an unauthorised vehicle, travelling at 41mph through a works closure. Carnell passed the information onto West Mercia Police, using a  new statement template developed through the Incursions Group, to aid the prosecution of drivers who enter roadworks without authorisation.

The first and the largest scheme completed so far, is on the A483 near Llanymynech where the speed of 5,183 vehicles were captured as they passed the worksites. The data clearly shows a significant decrease in the number of vehicles travelling in excess of 10mph during September and October.


Carnell SAFETYcam operatives process captured evidence in-situ. Cloud-based reports are available to the client within 12 hours of leaving site.

Front and rear cameras capture “beginning to end” video evidence stored on watermarked hard drive.


The advantages of SAFETYcam align with the three National Highways imperatives:


Upholds the Safety imperative ensuring no one is harmed when travelling or working on the network.

Improves safety of the workforce.

Deters unauthorised entry into Traffic Management.

Addresses speeding site vehicles, through unequivocal evidence of offences.

Supports National Highways target to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the network by 40% by 2020.

Customer Service

Supports the Customer Service imperative by making road users feel safe on the network.

Visual deterrent ensures travelling public remain alert and comply with traffic management restrictions.

Changes driver behaviour at roadworks.


Assists the Delivery of the Road Investment Strategy by creating efficiencies and using budgets effectively.

Fewer vehicle incursions means minimal stoppages and greater efficiency.

Less lost time manually reporting near misses from speeding vehicles.


CIHT North West Awards 2018
Winner – Safety

National Highways Health, Safety & Wellbeing Awards 2017
Winner – Health & Safety Innovation

CIHT Awards 2016
Highly Commended – Health & Safety at Work Award

HE Supplier Recognition Scheme 2016
Highly Commended – Safety, Health & Wellbeing

Highways Magazine Excellence Awards 2015
Shortlisted – Road Safety Scheme / Project of the Year

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