Civil Engineering

AGC: Our new joint venture with AmcoGiffen


AGC, which comprises AmcoGiffen and Carnell has almost completed its first project as a leading provider of road restraint systems (RRS) for National Highways. The scheme located in the East Midlands, is carrying out safety barriers, find and fix work on M69 junction 1 to M1 junction 21 to create safer journeys for customers. 

The joint venture expertly marries highways with rail delivery methods and means that we can draw upon different skills and capabilities from both sister organisations, adding strength, combining competencies and specialist abilities. AGC will deliver barrier and fencing works in the central super region (midlands and east regions), north west and north east regions on the National Highways six-year Scheme Delivery Framework, which commenced in 2021. 

The partnership’s objective is to drive innovation and best value in terms of sustainability, social impact and effectiveness. It has ambitious plans to lead the way with specific commitments to foster change, such as: 

Hosting collaborative learning events 

Enhancing technical knowledge 

Integrated planning with regional operational centres 

Excavation and utilities tracking 

Carbon footprint reduction 

Supporting and developing community partners 

Limiting customer impact in the design and planning stage 


This is just a flavour of some of the activities that AGC will offer to help National Highways safely deliver an intense programme of investment over the coming years. 

Adrian Oulds, Business Director, Carnell, said:  “We welcome the opportunity that’s been given to us by National Highways to deliver safety fencing works across four regions. With AmcoGiffen, we hope to bring new ideas to the highways sector from their wealth of experience working across the rail network. We’re open-minded, we want to learn and develop by innovating our delivery to achieve benefits for all involved. We’re looking forward to getting started on our first scheme in the East Midlands.” 

Bryan Kennedy, Operations Director, AmcoGiffen, said: “I’m excited that AGC has started its journey with National Highways and can bring fresh new ideas to support their crucial delivery plans. Our collective expertise means we’re able to innovate, adapt and flex to meet the needs of National Highways and its customers as it moves through RIS2 and beyond. We know that AGC will play a key role in helping National Highways future-proof our strategic road network and we’re delighted to be a part of that.” 

Both AmcoGiffen and Carnell are subsidiaries of Renew Holdings, a unique family of businesses providing multi-disciplinary engineering services through independent brands supporting essential UK infrastructure.